Analysis of slope slice stability


  • Choice of analysis using either partial safety factors to DIN 1054:2005 or EC 7 or global safety factors (DIN 1054 old)
  • Input as single-layer, multi-layer or system using geogrids
  • Analysis of wave pressure
  • Calculation of safety factors to DIN 4084 or in accordance with the Recommendations of the Working Group on 'Geotechnical Aspects of Landfill and Brownfield Site' (GDA)
  • Monte-Carlo simulation
  • Optimisation of friction angle, groundwater level, cohesion, slip plane or slope angle in single-layer system
  • Graphical visualisation of system parameters
  • Visualisation of the critical slip surface
  • Legends for soil properties, input data and results
  • Adopted standard, program name and version can be included in the input data legend
  • User-designed output sheet
  • Print or copy screen sections, e.g. for transfer to a word processor
  • Integrated Mini-CAD system for additional annotation of graphics

Current updates & changes

  • 6.00 - What´s new (06.03.2012)
    • Partial safety factors to Eurocode 7
    • Program name and version can be displayed in the General legend.
  • 6.00 - What´s new (06.03.2012)
    • 5.02 - Bugfix (11.02.2011)
      • Bugfix: Open/Save dialog box in Vista and Windows 7.
    • 5.0 (24.09.2008)
        New Features
    • 3.00 d - What's new (12.02.2007)
        Monte-Carlo simulation implemented.

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