Insight into the subsurface: Software solutions for environmental engineering, foundation engineering and soil mechanics.

GGU-Software stands for project-oriented solutions for processing exploration data, compiling stability investigations, evaluating soil mechanics laboratory tests and modelling flow processes. Users include geotechnical engineering experts and structural engineers, trained personnel in specialist geotechnical companies, planning agencies and the geotechnical departments of large construction companies. In addition, these software solutions are employed in many national and international universities for research and teaching purposes.

Geotechnical Analysis

Project-oriented solutions for compiling stability investigations


Geohydraulic Analysis

Flow processes of groundwater and mass transport calculations


Field Investigation

Drilling, penetration tests, stratigraphy, pumping tests, data visualization, mass calculation, location plans


Laboratory Analysis

From Atterberg (plasticity diagram) to water content tests


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Video clips on various topics related to environmental and geotechnical engineering.


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